As Good As It Gets

The Dilemma: – My current working situation

What is happening in my head: – I quit my job at the hospital and now only work on the door – honestly i love working on the door.
I currently have two locations where i jump to and fro – this is where the problem comes in.
I have to choose one – as it stands the only thing i am concerned about is the money as when i am working i am generally happy taking shit from the manager as i am being paid to block it out!!!

OK so the nightclub pays £1 more but it has the potential to be more stable and fixed hours where i will know exactly what i am doing.
The pub-work is £1 less than the club-work and all over the place apart from Fridays and Saturdays but weekends are the busiest times in the club where they need people so the boss is all up on my case about not taking this job as seriously as i should.

I can totally see where he is coming from as it doesn’t seem that way but i am really serious as i never joke about making money! – I am not sure a lot of people do.

I have been given hours for both places this week but i am not sure which one to turn down as i reckon if i do the nightclub then in the long run i will get more hours and make more money.

But i need the money now – WHAT DO I DO NOW????

I really cannot afford to make the wrong decision here but i think that if i let down the nightclub then it will all go tits up so i think i might have to blow off the pub.



(If this doesn’t make any sense then pay no attention just try your best to answer my question!)



3 thoughts on “As Good As It Gets

  1. Thanks for that!
    I am working with the one for more money tonight and the other one on Tuesday – hopefully i can get out of class to start at 3 rather than 8pm.
    And nice to see that you are the first to comment on my blog.


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