Money and Friends

The two things that never go together, well they can get to a stage but it is usually called misery. I woke up this morning hoping that today would be a better day than yesterday but it was started as bad or even worse than how yesterday went.


For the first time in a while i actually left for work before the time i was supposed to i was fully prepared to make the impression that i wouldn’t be late but what happened – TRAFFIC is a motherfucker which got me embarassed at work in front of all my colleagues and got me stuck in the shittest position of the night where i couldn’t even see the show.  The show being one of Usher’s first performances in the UK since 2004. After a while i gotta to move and actually see the adonis they call Usher – he is even more beautiful up close than he is on stage or even on TV. There are so many rumours that he has split up with his wife but it is bollocks and she is gorgeous too. They are a really cute couple.

So it did get better in the end so there may still be hope for today.


I was woken up this morning by my mum twice for a telephone number that she wanted and then i remembered that one of my good friends owed me some money and i was supposed to get it yesterday but the person didn’t even have the decency to call me and say hey i haven’t got it today or even i tried to get hold of you and you were busy – i got BUTKISS!

So needless to say as i was already feeling groggy this morning he got a phone call which i don’t think anyone would appreciate at that time in the morning but i was promised my money by 3pm today so we will see how things go.

This is why i will always stick to my guns about money and friends not being able to mix – EVER!



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