Living for ME Pt.2

Firstly today i would like to open on a comment that might shock many – despite the obvious joke that many will have as there has been a pisstake of the infamous indian man complaining about someone kicking his dog but that has actually happened to my dog this morning – my mum took the dog to the park this morning as i worked late last night it was a real help as i needed the sleep and really didn’t want to get up. However at around 9:30 she called me asking me to pick her up in her car as someone had kicked my dog in the stomach twice – i really cannot be bothered to explain the rest of the story as i have already told it so many times and written as part of a statement. But my point is that just should not happen – the idiot that actually did it gave his last name and i went straight to the coucil where he works and got his boss to talk to me and made a complaint.

Moving swiftly on to more important matters!

Part 2

Thank you for commenting on my previous post – it made me blush which is one thing that i don’t ever do! I must admit i do have feelings for my ‘good friend’ and i would hope that all the things that were suggested in the comment could be true – the only thing is my good friend knows that i have little patience but on this occasion i think i will have to – however i don’t really want to ask my friend as i get shy about this very subject – again something that my good friend knows is not really what i am like as i am very upfront as many can probably tell.
My suggestion to myself would be: Be upfront and tell him how you feel – but the risk like mentioned before is this will spoil things – i guess i am just waiting to be swept off my feet by this gentlemen and for him to make a big romantic gesture to show what he really feels for me.

Sidenote: As i am writing this someone is mowing their lawn and the noise is HORRENDOUS!!! Oh well these things have to be done.

So the question now is what do i do about the predicament that i am still in? Should i speak to my good friend or shall i wait for what i think should happen – i mean in reality how romantic would that be!! It makes me go all sweet inside thinking about it!!!

There was a point in the comment that was made about a physical relationship and this i found very interesting as the majority of relationships do have physical elements in them and i am sure things would be pretty awkward or in fact feel incestuous as it was so well put as i have known him for so long. Also the fact of my past relationship and him knowing all of the ins and outs is a big fact as on one hand he can understand how i felt about what happened and how i want to be treated in the future but this can also go the other way as he will probably think that i need more time than i actually do.

I also agree with the point about my good friends family and what they think if that is true that is a really nice thought to be thought of by people i don’t even know.

So what should i do???

Wait or send the inevitable email as there is no way that i am going to tell him face to face.
I personally don’t think i should send the email i think i should wait for the romantic gesture or is Romance dead???

I really hope not



2 thoughts on “Living for ME Pt.2

  1. Sorry to hear about the idiot that kicked your dog. I can’t imagine why someone would do that to animal that wasn’t even bothering him. Maybe someone should kick him in the stomach a few times.


  2. I wanted to do that – my mum took him for a walk as i was working the night before but i have never got up and been dressed so quickly – i was ready to kill but i think the route that i took was the high road as many like to call it! I went to the council that he works for and spoke to his boss and i am in the process of putting in a formal complaint which will mean he will potentially lose his job as he works in the environment and i also reported him to the police where he can get done on public order for cruelty to animals and i want my money for the vet bill as he is sick now. BASTARD BASTARD BASSSSTTTARRRD!!!!! I feel destressed now!!!!


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