3 days of purgatory and 1 to 2 hours of HELL

Well for me HELL was fun as i was prancing around on a Wii Fit board for the entire duration exercising my ass off i was doing the hula then the tree position for yoga along with some football exercising even SKIING how good am i!!! Well as it turned out i am EXTREMELY competitive or shall i say so my ‘good friend’ found out! Yes the same good friend!

After 3 days of purgatory in the messiest house i have ever stepped foot even toe in i was finally home and extremely happy to be welcomed so nicely by my good friend. I helped some other friends out with a couple of small errons they had like picking things up and dropping things off that couldn’t be carried by hand but could just about by my car and then i picked good friend up from work and we headed towards a packet of 20 B&H Silver with some sparkling apple juice, a cup of tea with sugar and Wii Fit with a side of hot hot HOTTT pizza!

Now i am safely tucked up in bed at my own house and happy to be there for two reasons, number 1 i am no longer in that flea pit of a house (I have bites to prove it) that is where the new body builder i met resides (DISGUSTING) and my back and neck hurt from that sodding Wii Fit board but there is a happy ending as i will hopefully be returning and even getting one of my own you can guess that it is not my own flea pit so i will leave you with my hopes of getting my own Wii and Wii Fit board!!!

Target to lose 2 stone or thereabouts and about 3 points of my BMI and i lost about 0.30 of my BMI doing the hula and various other tiring things!!! Clever me and good friend for pressing the button for me!




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