3 Words

Earlier today whilst IMing a friend he asked me to describe him in 3 words – i said ‘SEXY BLACK MAN’ which to me was the truth and a bloody good compliment!

The 3 words that i got back were ‘cris buff ting!’ I love it!! Made me feel all wiggly inside! For the first time in a long time i feel like my IMing personal message says ‘In not so much limbo but somewhere like it!’
To me it means that i am not in purgatory as asked by the IM friend but somewhat closer to heaven on the peaceful side of things!

In the middle of reading an article about twenty and thirty-something marriages and on which one has the upper hand – now personally i would love to have a big white wedding to my prince charming whilst still in my 20’s and we have a lot of time to ourselves to enjoy each other and plan to have kids etc etc etc – the usual marriage stuff. There are many pros and cons to either side of the age band but i am leaning more to the younger side of things.

Now the problem with that is i need a prince charming or at least a frog that will change into one but that never happens either so keep your fingers crossed for me people and i will keep my fingers busy updating you on my progress! Dont go there you dirty minded people i know what you were thinking!!!

Any suggestions on where to look and if i get anything suggesting a dating website or singles column virtual silver bullets with your names on will fly!




Please do share . . .

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