No More Junk Food For ME!!!


So I wonder how long it will last this time – over the past year and a half my weight has fluctuated so badly from extremely overweight – well to me anyway and then slightly slimmer but I have started to really eat a lot of well TOO MUCH junk food – it is not only junk food it is just too much food period. Over the past couple of weeks I have really been living it up going out to lunch with my dad and then getting drunk too.


YES we have a wonderful time but next time if there is one I will be drinking more than eating – I know I know calories are alcohol too but I am not a calorie counter just one that looks at the size on my jeans and if I can’t fit slims down until I am comfortable.


I am not a notorious under eater that is bordering on anorexia or even a habitual over eater that might resort to bulimia and I understand that these two conditions are extremely serious so there is no joke or pun that will be put on them. But I like my food!


I have a sweet tooth which is attracted to sweet stuff as well as everything that is really bad for me like Pepsi (coke zero is out at the moment – yes it tastes so intense but a change was needed) on the upside of the sudden change from an old favourite Vodka and Pepsi tastes GREAT!


So I am not going to dealing without my Pepsi that will be my exception but there will be no crisps or chocolate – with the chocolate I have a private deal with someone that I MIGHT! Elaborate on soon.

So continuing with my list of NO GO’S


  • Crisps
  • Chocolate
  • Sweets
  • White bread
  • White pasta
  • Cheese


A couple of the above that are listed are going to be tough for me like the pasta with cheese – well not so much the pasta as I no longer eat white pasta anymore (too starchy) but I love to make pasta with cheese so I will have to have an alternative like my homemade tomato pasta sauce which comes right out of a Ragu jar! Cheap and tasty and you can make about 4-5 meals for yourself out of one jar or 2 very large ones for you with guests!

And maybe just maybe I can have a sprinkle of cheese on top.


There is now another reason that I am not going to be eating no junk food – and that people is because there is a new man! Yes surprise surprise – however I somewhat doubt that he could be the white knight but this time for once I am not particularly bothered!


True to form he is cute Jamaican! And again true to form he has a lovely body along with a cute smile – so if true to form things will end up in shit creek but true to form – HOPEFULLY not!

I was told by a friend who knows him not to give him chocolate as it makes him hyper and I heard it straight from the horses mouth so I might just have to stock up on Dairy Milk – also he is the elaborate later guy!


So if I am not going to be having so much junk food there better be a lot of good sex involved!


As I went onto one of my favourite websites looking for my next purchase as I so recently used my last purchase I am in solitary disappointment – well maybe not so solitary as many will probably share my pain – the website is temporary going down! Pun intended as they are having technical maintenance – that phrase earned the biggest sad face from me as I was really raring to go and look for a new toy.

Oh well will have to try another site!!! Yes ladies (and gents there is more than one) I give you the Lovers Cave! – See now I sound like a real dirty bitch – well that part is true as well but lets keep it between you and me!


I have bought something from that site before and it gives me great pleasure (again pun intended!) to say not only is it cheaper but it is the same or even better quality with a hell of a lot more choice and things are not so hush hush! Sex is where it is and that is where it will stay if you know what I mean!


Right for now I think that is enough so I am just going to skip onto Lovers Cave and be done with it!





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