A state of despair!

I find it unbelievable for an institution such as the new university that i am currently attended to expect you to be upbeat and ready to go when everything that you have been promised before you started all seems to be falling apart before things get a kick start on the actual course.

Everything these days for me seems to draw back to money which is a real shame as i really do not like to let my world revolve around the horrible stuff but everyone needs it these days to survive and at the moment i feel that i am tipping over the edge of one MASSIVE black hole that the string holding me up is like dental floss and it is the last bit of money i have got and it better stretch a hell of a long way if things are going to go right this month.

There are parties that i want to go to but i don’t think that i can afford it so i will have to give it a miss – in a way that really does sadden me but then i have to think of myself first for once instead of everyone else. This i am sure will make a difference in how things go for me from now on.

So my state of despair in short is my uni bursary is a no show for now and i was relying on it to pay for my car but i am now trying to think of other ways to pay for my car without having to ask a family member to borrow money. It is not good at all.


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