Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Me being a big christmas person this is the icing on top of a cake that was starting to go wrong.

So far as far as making christmas close to what is was last year as far as gifts for people i am nowhere near smelling what is once was but that can be partly blamed on the horrendous recession we are currently heading into. Well hopefully it wont go that far but as it is says in ‘Moulin Rouge’ “This is the day that dreaming ends. . .”

My cosmo horoscope tells me that in december i have a high chance of getting pregnant or dating a father! Considering that i am not having sex at the moment and dating someone that has no children (and YES before you ask i know he doesn’t as we have known each other for 7 years! – and we aint that old!)
It also says that my ex will want a second chance now this is where things get spooky as he called me and wanted to talk desperately but as the scope says ‘the choice is yours’ so i blanked his calls and texts.
The last straw for me on the love side of decembers reading! was that i may begin to attract a man that longs for his own children which is true as the guy i am seeing some of you may know him as the ‘Good Friend’

YES people we are finally moving things on a step – but mind what you think as it is only and yes ONLY step by step and we are taking it slow as neither of us for once wants things to go tits up.

On the subject of work or money cosmo preaches that i should be careful of work relationships and christmas shopping is best done on the weekend of the 20th! Well so far there has been no shopping so i hope this is right as i only have a few gifts to get this year and i want them to be good.

My dilemma today in the card shop was which one to get, not the choice of mum and dad from both of us or auntie and uncle or even godmother and goddaughter which have only recently started to be made, my choice was BIGGER.

The person that i have just started seeing last year would have been a no brainer of ‘To A Special Friend’ but this year there are two choices and i am inclined to go with one rather than the other so i push things too far too fast.

The choices are as follows:
– ‘Someone Special’
– ‘Boyfriend’

I spent almost an hour in the card shop – i did get others but about 15 – 20 minutes of that time was spent mulling over which one to buy so i bought the rest of my cards which i knew what i wanted and left the two choices on the shelf. WHAT DO I DO?????

From the opinions of the girls who are also my best friends the verdict from one is to get the ‘Boyfriend’ choice and the other who is a hopeless romantic who is dying to get married and isn’t yet unlike my closest bestie her choice is ‘Someone Special’ for once i am pushed on the side of the hopeless romantic as this way things wont be pushed too fast and things will fall into place as and when they are meant to. 

When i spoke to him earlier i was watching a film and chatting to him and just thinking i just want to be with you. No matter how cold it is outside i want to be out there with you. I have known him for 7 years and i have loved him for that past 2 well from what i can recognise anyway. My dad asked me today if things were getting serious with me and the Good Friend – nobody knows that we are together not even our parents well his might but mine most definitely do not. They are the sort of parents that if they like a guy and have the slightest inclination that he will be good to and for me they, well my mum will push things to the ABSOLUTE limits and it gets really hard to just get on with things. 

I can’t believe that we are planning our holiday for next year and we are already viciously excited. By then we may have even slept together but if not it wont be the worst thing in the world – we can just hug. Fuerteventura will give us the extra romance in our relationship that will make it a RELATIONSHIP instead of just a starting point. He is so romantic and i LOVE to lap it up as that is exactly what i want from the person that i am going to spend the rest of my life together someone who i can appreciate and someone who can appreciate me.

Secret santa if not done already would have been a good way to bring things together for me and him but as it is already done and i don’t have secret santa at my work place as it is just not like that i think i will make a secret santa just for him! I am thinking Ann Summers etc, i think i might get my ladies involved in this one as they will most definitely like the inspiration to pass on to their men – that way the men can reciprocate when they have received their gifts.

So the question is now – what do i do? He is a very shy guy who has a heart of gold and personality to blow me from here to the US without airfare to help along the way but confidence when out of clothes drops as he doesn’t think he has a perfect body and no he doesn’t but neither do i. So what do i do?

THINK ROMANCE PEOPLE . . . . . . . . .

Start with a date . . .

Move onto a meal . . .

Some drinks . . .

Who knows . . .


Please do share . . .

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