Starbucks and more . . .

It is 4:14am and i am still up. I will be sleeping shortly but also getting up to get down to the nearest starbucks for my new sunday tradition to treat myself to a Venti Caffe Mocha with whipped cream. 

Every day i get up and think ‘what would it be like to not have to work every day and actually relax and be able to live my life?’

Well why not start living it now whilst i am still working so hard to get everything i want but along the way treating myself with the money i work hard for.

So starting tomorrow sunday as well as being my only day off which it will stay that way for the next 3 – 5 years i will make an effort to pamper myself even if not going for coffee if i get up too late which i will make the effort to get up!


I think starbucks is 100 times better for you than Mc Donald’s breakfast, not that it isn’t sweet tasting but hey!


Please do share . . .

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