Happy New Year – Really???

It all started at work on New Years Eve and it was pretty damn good as the manager had a fair few drinks and the party was in full swing. I couldn’t drink more than the glass of champers that i had as i had to drive home that night. Everything finished later than usual and i was on my own as the guy that works for me had to be sent somewhere else as nobody turned up. As it wasn’t so busy it was fine to be on my own and towards the end of the night pretty easy as i just waited for people to leave rather than the usual shouting routing of getting everyone out right on time!

The couple of days that followed were actually really nice as i spent them with the good friend doing couple stuff! First we headed up to central london to go to winter wonderland but it was too crowded so we decided to try and find something else to do but just ended up going home!

Tiffany’s got a visit from us as i had to change the size of my ring and then we headed to Paperchase to get hold of a scrapbook which we have been looking for for about a month! Well more me wanting to let my creative side out and him going along with things to save his ears being bled dry! We then had our movie day and night which was amazing as we just sat and watched movies for what seemed like forever but that forever was the best i have ever had for a long time.

We then carried on our adventures the next day and went to Hampton Court to attempt ice skating but we didn’t go on as i chickened out and we waited until last night to take some friends and my cousin and her new fella! So last night was hilarious and although i didn’t fall over i looked like a complete mong as i was holding on to the edge all night like a little baby! That will change as me and my cousin are going to start ice skating to practice for next year! I think her phrase was ‘We will show the guys next year!’ to which i replied ‘Yeah and we will be the ones pulling them around next year!’

That brings us up to today . . .

Misery all around, my dad has got some issues going on which i cannot put on here but they are really fucking trivial if you ask me and he just needs to stop going on about it again and again as it will just make the problem ten times worse than it really is and he will get himself in a tiz for absolutely FUCK ALL. My dad does love a bit of drama and loves the world to revolve around him constantly otherwise he likes to blame things on someone else cause some trouble and watch it boil over whilst claiming innocence. It really does fuck me off but i just have to get on with things.


Buying my car and that is the only one i have as if i would have actually listened to the people around me i wouldn’t have bought it. It is really holding me back from enjoying myself at university and it is stopping me from moving out which is the one thing that is getting me extremely down about things but like i said before i just have to get on with it and with a lot of hard work i should get the outcome i want and deserve – a happy life away from where i am now with no debts and a job that i love, whilst being with the man i love.

So here is to this NEW YEAR and my resolution that i will try to keep is . . .

To pay off my debts and get in a position so i can finally get out.


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