As promised . . .

End, Beginning and finally the middle? Tarantino style i am sure?! Correct me if i am wrong! Well let me begin at the end! Ironic! Is that the right word! I have caught the victoria line to stockwell and was waiting on the platform quite happily for the northern line to take me to my destination whilst listening to my ipod and what i thought was a gentleman that was standing in front of me turned into a fucking wilderbeast as soon as those doors opened and the tube was packed but with holes for room. I saw my chance lunged and got shafted out the way by what looked like mufasa from the lion king – turns out it was the ‘gentleman’! 

I managed to figure out where he works as the silly bastard left his ID card dangling from his belt loop – THE BBC – well thank you BBC for employing such a wanker that he didn’t even have the courtesy to say ‘sorry luv’ in the best cockney accent i can muster at such a time of anger!

Anyway the rest of my journey as it happens was quite peaceful, the sounds of the killers and the script soothed me from A to B as i like to call it but it is really more like A to Z as the journey is so bloody long well it seems like it i suppose it could be worse!

So in the recent weeks i have started actually on the ward and YES people they have let me loose on actual patients not just the annie dolls! So far so good and no real emergencies – i am touching wood when i say this as i think it will be a real hair raiser to actually have to deal with one!
The sister on the first two days was  a bit frosty as wires were crossed on whether students were to wear uniform or scrubs but that got sorted and things have smoothed right over which is great!

I met my mentors on the second day of being there and had a sit down with one of them but will be having a meeting with another one tomorrow! She took my workbooks home so she could read through them so we can work on what i have to do to get a pass which is great for me as i need a little direction – not that i don’t have enough self direction already! *Sound of head swelling even bigger* (if that is entirely possible!) 

So back to my day . . .

Another long day from 7:45am until 8:15pm but today it really didn’t seem that long until the end as i was constantly busy and if not busy talking to some really nice people. I managed to encourage one of the patients to eat today and took great pride in helping him eat and drink – well more like eat his drink as it had to be thickened but it was such a wonderful experience and then i got to read to him and show him some beautiful pictures. I said that i would print some pictures off for him of the beaches of St Kitts but i do not have a printer connected to this computer so hopefully i can do it tomorrow at work?! Maybe! Maybe not!

I hope so as when i told him that i would try and get him some pictures i have never felt so good about making someone so happy, his eyes lit up and he smiled at me – sounds like one of those make believe moments and it most definitely felt like it but i pinched myself to make sure!

Moving on i did my obs and some other rounds and did some blood monitoring – ooh and i gave another injection, luckily the patient was nice!

Another unfortunate part of the day was for my stomach as i headed down to the canteen for lunch like an ass AGAIN!!!

I had turkey meatballs with mash – well the mash was nice – need i say more!!!

Well on an eval of the day so far i think it has gone well and i am on tomorrow for another long shift so there should be more but for now i think i am going to head to bed so i actually wake up and get the right train in the morning without running into any ass wipes!!!



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