It’s Friday

So according to the Metro (our daily free paper – for the people that get to the station early enough and for those that are lucky enough to pick up a trashed up copy!)  couples are eating out less these days. Ok so why does this need to be a big deal unless of course it is a cookery drive for britons to get healthy again – or at least close to it!

Apparently the reason for this unfortunate case of modern day couples having to stay home is because of the credit crunch! Now PLEASE someone tell me am i the only one in a small group of people that since the credit crunch actually started to  think about what i am doing with my money – SERIOUSLY shouldn’t people have started to think this way when the crunch first started as there were clear signs that it wasn’t just going to go away.

It amazes me how all these people have these amazing or even not so amazing – just roofs over their heads and they can afford bills as well as the luxurious lifestyle of eating out most nights – now i wonder do you think they live in their overdrafts? 

I am most definitely not one to preach about money as yes i am in debt but i am trying and trying and trying even harder to do something about it and YES i am a HUGE fan of junk food but lately junk food to me is Sushi which is more expensive than the usual crap! So yes i have the little luxury but i think i do quite well as i am getting out of my overdraft slowly but surely and by the end of this year which should be quite a realistic target i will be free from my credit card debts all two of them!

So moving on . . .

Also according to el Metro!

10% of couples are having less sex but yet 4% of couples are having more fun between the sheets – now lets distinguish between the two! 
So the 10% of couples who are having less sex really don’t know what pleases each other and how to keep themselves amused let alone another person. I wonder is romance dead? It must be as nowadays people don’t even cook a simple meal for their other half they think it is better to pay for all of it to be done – yes there is no washing up but still there is that element of losing that feeling of pleasing your other half as well as them appreciating what you have done for them – trust me on this one, i cannot cook that well but over the past couple of weeks i have been experimenting on the other half and he seems to like the food well maybe he just REALLY appreciates what i am doing and i mean REALLY!!!

So the 4% of people that are having fun in between the sheets are the ones that found a way to get even closer rather than driving your lover away because of such a minor little bitch of a problem such as money. Yes i know money seems to rule the world and our relationships but hey we can change that right? Isn’t man supposed to be superior???

I had a hole rant prepared about someone that is close to me but as they are close to me i am going to keep it close to my heart and seeing as i drafted it out on my iphone before writing this i have let it all out and can now delete it as i don’t like to be a nag!!!

On the upside as there always is to things that are sinking the wrong way – well done to that pilot that saved all of those 100 and something people on that plane – i would have most definitely needed a new pair of pants and a new heart!

Right i am going to watch the rest of my nightly movie collection of ’10 things i hate about you’ and ‘Coyote Ugly’ and then tomorrow or sunday i will be heading out to buy the Ace Ventura movies if i don’t find them on the net first!

Laters people and have a fantabulous weekend!



2 thoughts on “It’s Friday

  1. Well Young1, now you can try a proper sandwich as well. And I agree with you, because the financial crisis was this massive tidal wave that everyone just ignored, and now the people that didn’t go nuts and over extend are still going to pay the price. Still, it could be worse! And yes, well done that pilot Dude!


  2. Thanks basher! I am trying to find the piece of paper that I wrote the wonder sandwich on I remember extra meats! I can’t understand why people don’t save! Or didn’t at least start! I hope you are getting on ok


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