And the beat goes on . . .

So the snow is still here and there are many people still enjoying it!

I had my day of fun yesterday with the other half and it ended this morning when his workplace started to actually hassle him but even though he won’t admit it I know it pissed him off. He was going on about how he was going to go into work and start kicking off but I know that he wouldn’t as he is just too soft!

On top of that I know that he had had enough of staying at home even though he was only home for one day and he wanted to get back to work to start bossing people around again as he couldn’t do it with me! I still love him though!

Unfortunately i couldn’t get to work today (placement) as my car was still snowed in and the roads were too icy but the roads have now eased up and the snow brushed off so i will most definitely be going into work tomorrow and i am happy with that but the fact that i have had to stay at home today and not work kind of got my goat but i had the time sort out the other thing that was really getting my goat!

I lost my travelcard and my bank card the other day and i cannot find it anywhere – perfect time to look right! In the FUCKIN snow!

So i ordered a new card, cancelled the old one did some new stuff to my account and got a new oyster card and put some money on it – this actually did put my mind at rest!

I also went to the resident’s club where i used to work – see that ‘used to work’ and I got my last set of wages and told the assistant head steward that I won’t be coming back and she was really nice about it. Which kind of took the edge off telling her that i am not coming back.

I noticed as I was driving home from doing my errands that all the people that were shovelling their driveways seemed to be women which begs the questions where are all the men – not at work that is for sure!

Oh well that just shows that in this day and age men may only be good for one and at a push two things! And they are certainly not helping around the house, cleaning ANYTHING and SHOVELLING the damn driveway!

That gets my goat!

Whilst staying at the bf’s (being trapped but snow overload) as i looked out the apartment window i saw one of the neighbours trying to get his car out of a mound of snow but the wheels just kept spinning so me and himself went down to give a hand with his wife but he didn’t step out of the car for more than five minutes – once he realised that it was just not going to happen as he was so arrogant everything had to be done his way he got his wife to go and ask the neighbour for a shovel and he as good as told her to get to it!

What an arrogant son of a bitch!

That gets my goat!!!!



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