Back to work

After a few days off I have lost my rhythm and I’m desperately trying to get it back. It’s 12:50 and I have a seminar at 2:00 so I have some time to gather my thoughts which is nice. One of the women that organizes the seminars is a real bitch but hey! Just have to get on with it!

I didn’t expect my lovely to have read yesterdays installment but when he saw me he told me, I was kind of half shocked but I was being honest and he knows I love him so it is all good!

Two days from now I will have to get out of the routine I’m in and back to the weekend job routine but that will also be mixed with partying hard on Saturday night! Before work on Sunday morning! It’s a fancy dress party which should be fun!

Then next weekend we will be in Bournemouth for valentines day! I am soooooooo excited!


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