Cervical Cancer etc . . .

It makes me laugh how people are bad mouthing Jade and have been all the way through her cancer battle. I have not been Jade’s biggest fan since she went into Big Brother for the first time but overall and especially during her hardest moments even I can see that she was trying to do what was best for her boys. It makes me sick to think that people are still bad mouthing her even though she has passed and it is all still being published all over the place. But do the people that are bad mouthing her think that it is not the thick skinned self made celeb that is taking the brunt of this – NO – WAKE THE HELL UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE you self righteous bastards it is her grieving family and her little boys that will look back and read that some good for nothing shit was glad to see their mum gone. How the hell would they feel about their children reading that about them, I think it is disgusting to see what they are writing and to hear what they are saying. People need to stop worrying so much about what people they don’t know are doing and start looking closer to home at what is going on in their own lives and start looking after their families.

It is also quite disgusting to hear someone quoting the Department of Health saying that under 25’s are not allowed to have smear tests, with all the girls that are sexually active before the age of 16 these days I think it is disgusting that precautions such as smear tests are not being done.

Yes Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are dangerous diseases but cervical cancer is also incredibly dangerous and once it spreads it can be the end of the road unless it has been caught early.


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