Calorie Counter


So I started a new calorie count today on the countdown to the end of may family weekend away. I am not sure how long this one will last but it is worth giving it a go right?!


Slim Fast worked for all of 2 days but it tastes too good I think I need something that tastes likes crap that I have to eat or drink every day just to remind me to keep on track – like the time I had the chinese diet tea – it tasted like old burnt grass but I drank it twice a day and felt thoroughly cleansed about 6 times a day if you know what I mean! If not then I will leave that to you imagination!


I was thinking about the diet tea – surely it isn’t healthy to visit your toilet that much in one day but I felt great and the weight did come off pretty damn quickly, only problem was it was £15 per box! Need to drink some cerasee! Or as my mum names it Shit Tea!


Going by the daily average that women can have 2000 calories per day I am going to try and keep well under that at about 1000 to a max or 1300 and it is going to be horrifyingly hard but I will try my best to do it! Let’s just hope I can keep away from the croquette potatoes and the other halves home made chicken nuggets! Sounds luxury right – I know, I know it is going to be hell!


My objectives:

I DON’T want to look like a skeleton


And I DON’T want to look like a tub of lard with some extra bits

So the reality is to get down to a comfortable size 12.


From the beginning . . .


Afternoon people and welcome to my daily blog where I will be documenting my eating habits and eventual weight loss for everyone to see. I think this way I might have enough motivation to do what I have to do to get down to size 12 and feel good enough about myself to wear a bikini in the pool etc!


Today I have had:



1 Glass of Slim Fast (225 Calories)



1 Packet of Salt & Vinegar Crisps (131 Calories)

1 Bowl of Cookie Crunch Cereal with Skimmed Milk (175 Calories)

1/2 chicken salad sandwich (200 Calories)



2 Hot & Spicy Chicken Fillets (360 Calories)

1/2 Chicken breast made into nuggets (90 Calories)

3 & 1/2 Waffles (275 Calories)

30mls Ketchup (50 Calories???)

1 Packet of Ham & Mustard Crisps (119 Calories???)

(So dinner was a complete blow out but it tasted good and was the only main meal of the day so not too bad)


So far I think the one thing I have to do is cut out the crisps and crappy snacks hopefully that wont take too long. I also need to start drinking more water as my skin is shitty at the moment, well not just now but has been for a while.


Please do share . . .

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