Day 2 & 3

My internet had some connection problems yesterday and i really couldn’t be assed to fiddle around with my phone to get this on here so i figured 2 in 1 isn’t that bad right?!

Yesterdays menu consisted of:


Bowl of Cereal & Semi Skimmed Milk (180 Calories)



1/6 of a french stick with butter and Cheese (300 Calories???)

An even smaller piece of french bread with some pate (200 Calories???)

1 Packet of Cheese & Onion Crisps (131 Calories)



Handful amount of coleslaw (Handmade!- Not by me!) (75 Calories???)

1 Bottle of Corona (100 Calories???)

Handful of Haribo (I know its BAD – REALLY BAD) (130 Calories????)


So on the crisps front i don’t think i did that bad but then i caved on the sweets which is another weak point of mine – not good right . . .


Today so far i have only had


Bowl of Bran Flakes with Semi Skimmed Milk (160 Calories)

1 Banana (Not sure how many calories)


I started a new cleansing thing the other day – it is most definitely way overdue! Got some new products which is always great!

So out with the old in with the new is the saying right – hello botanics goodbye simple!


Right i’m off to sign up to some stuff and sign out of some stuff!!!


Please do share . . .

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