The way to go right?!

Why is it when you should be concentrating on assignments and important work that there is always something more appealing to do! 

I am not entirely sure what that other appealing thing is but so far anything else but sitting trying to write an assignment that is extremely boring does not really hit top of my to do list. The problem with this is that the assignment that i have to do is due in 2 weeks so i need to get my skates on. 

I keep thinking introduction, main body then conclusion with reflection. One lecturer told me that we had to conclude the situation and another said do not conclude but reflect – seriously for someone who has no idea how to even start my introduction that kind of instruction from someone who is marking your paper is neither encouraging or helpful – pathetic and inconsistent yes! 

So i continue to sit in the library staring at the blank word processor screen with the cursor flashing at me like it is going to burn a hole in the screen. WHAT DO I WRITE – ARRRRGGHHHHH This is really not good i need to get started.

Ok so the first step to actually trying to start would be getting off here and trying to construct a sentence that doesn’t go a little something like this: I need a cigarette and a martini and lemonade with ice!


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