Feel the need to . . .

Everytime i get the urge to do a post there is just something holding me back, maybe it is because my keyboard is fucked up but maybe it is just because what i thought i was going to say was valid but when written it was complete and utter crap. I seem to have a similar problem when i am talking however i don’t have the mechanism such as the backspace key on the keyboard to delete what i am thinking once said.

New philosophy: To think before i speak

Reasoning behind going against this: It will take me too long to get my point out and there will just be silence for many that know me this will be bliss but for me agony so for now they just have to listen to the meaningless ramblings of me and lump it!

Reasoning for going with the new idea: Everyone is a winner but me as i don’t get to say what i think and feel and eventually if things are bottled up too long they might just explode which will end in a bad way and everyone is a loser!

Final verdict: Say what i think but keep a can on the horrible, mean and unnecessary things if possible, i am sure i will have plenty of practice on holiday with all the foreign children surrounding me! Trying to not tell them where to stick there little rubber boats is gonna be hard work. Better pack my gym clothes so i can work out some of that frustration!

Moving on to a new subject that is quite old but revamped today – i am sick of doing things for people or saying things just to make everything else ok for everyone else, it makes me sick. There is one particular person who seems to need daily validation from me and he is really starting to piss me off, we used to work together and he hasn’t been around for personal reasons but seriously now he is he needs to get the fucking hint and back the hell up and let me get on with things.

I know he doesn’t read this so living up to my new philosophy technically i am not being mean or horrible so i can carry on. . .

When you wake up in the morning and you haven’t got to go to work or uni it is nice to have a lie in fair enough walking the dog doesn’t count but getting a call between 8:30 and 10am from the one that is not your significant other or even best mates is a bit much – EVERY BLOOD MORNING – just to say good morning! I don’t understand why there is a need to satisfy yourself that you have woken me up. I’m up Mofo what do you want will be the next response he gets as i do not see why i should have to turn off my phone because he doesn’t have the decency to wait a couple extra hours for a non important phone call. Then he has the cheek to go on FB and bitch and wail all day that he ain’t getting enough attention.

CRUCIAL INFORMATION FOR YOU AT THIS STAGE: He has a girlfriend so why is he not calling and bothering her? The only one i wanna hear from in the morning if he aint too busy is the other half and he still gets a raw deal if he calls me before 10!

Anyway for now that is the end of my bitchfest i am off to put some more tunes on my iPhone – yeah i said it iPhone no more blackberry up in here! It seems like the people i have recently heard about having Blackberry’s have all turned into a snobbish breed – but that is for another bitchfest!

Same shit, different day!

x x x


2 thoughts on “Feel the need to . . .

  1. Just start writing it and save it as a draft. Sometimes I start writing and get that feeling. I come back to it when my thoughts are less cloudy and finish it up then.

    He calls you everyday just to wish you good morning? Yeah, that could be annoying. I’d tell him once to not call before a certain time and after that he gets hung up on or cussed out until he gets the point. Oblivious people irk me.

    Congrats on your iPhone. Hope you’re enjoying it.


  2. Tried it and ended up getting annoyed with what i have written but will give it another bash!

    Every morning can you believe it! I think i might give him a dose of the cussin!

    Have had my iPhone for a while but trying to sort out my dad’s which just gave me the hump! I love mine though! Got the Sims 3 on it the other day hilarious game!


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