Sippin on gin n juice

Surely that is the way to go . . . Laid back!

Woke up this morning in a better mood than usual as i hadn’t received the habitual good morning phone call from my stalking AM caller known as an old friend. Went through my personal cleansing ritual and skipped breakfast as wasn’t really in the mood. Stepped out in a fresh pair of pj’s and took a bottle down to the out house (the shed!), sat in front of the screen and started typing.

. . . .

Nothing came to me so i decided to read some others that i hadn’t passed by for a while and i felt quite bad, it seems like it is that time of year where the general concensus seems to be out with the old in with the new. I read all of my emails and then moved onto some more blog reading which made me feel pretty happy that there are still people out there that are capable of giving an honest opinion.

As i went to bed last night i was balling my eyes out, only after watching marley and me! I know it is an incredibly girly film but i am a girl so it is acceptable whether or not it should be watched at 1am is a different story as all i could hear was myself balling. It made me think of what it will be like when my dog actually does croke it – i don’t think i will be able to handle it. Well let me move on from that morbid thought . . .

The other half is coming over after work this evening and so far he is still at work at 9pm but it’s his own fault for slacking! I know he may read this so eat my words biatch – i love you really!

So here i am at 9pm trying to think of something that i did today that would be of interest to the general public and the only thing i can think of is i had no breakfast and moved straight onto cider true pikey styley! Not good but it tasted great so back off – oh i can hear the judgement!

Right i am off to read some other poor souls personal cries to hear them out loud . . .

I will leave you with what i am thinking of having right now even though it makes me seem like an on the edge alcoholic!

x x x x


2 thoughts on “Sippin on gin n juice

  1. I still haven’t seen Marley & Me yet. I read about the ending online and heard that both my mom and my sister cried while seeing it so I’m going to pass for the moment. I don’t feel like crying.

    I’m not much of a drinker so I have no idea what that drink is but it looks tasty.


  2. It is a very sad film and what made it worse is my dog is a labrador! Not good! Well when you feel like a good cry rent it!

    As for the swerve it’s my new AKA! I think it is a martini and yes i have to agree it does look incredibly tasty but i can admit if i tried to make anything that colour i would probably end up with alcohol poisoning! Not good!


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