Drama, drama and more friggin drama

So the tv is loud who gives a crap – i am not personally watching it but my dad is, my mum thinks there is a problem so she decides to shout louder than actually necessary so the people in new mexico can hear her shrill cries of “Turn that fucking television down . . . please!”

Sitting in my room i jumped at the sound of her once again shrill voice and awaiting the ready made row from her kicking and screaming about something she could have so quietly gone downstairs and said ‘can you turn the tv down a bit dear it is awfully loud’ but then come to think of it this is how my parents operate if she doesn’t scream at him he would turn it down and then when he saw her going upstairs turn it back up slowly until finally reaching full blast when he hears her get into bed just to wind her up. And i’m screwed up!!

I have got to say that i am highly strung but surely i got it from somewhere or am i over exaggerating – actually i don’t want to know the answer i probably already know it! To add insult to injury she carries on by going downstairs to moan at him about the level of noise – seriously does she just not get the fucking hint when to shut the fuck up. Again i am directing this at me because i really do need to learn when to shut the fuck up and it hurts to admit it but hey i have to do it sometime there is no-one else that can do it for me!

I know that there would probably be someone out there reading this and thinking of course she needs to learn when to shut up or i have been trying to tell her that for years well suck on that bitches i know that i have to admit it but i will not be told! I am stubborn and that is the end of that!

Still on a quest to find butterfly stencils it is really starting to get on my nerves now but i have nothing but time to look so there really is no big issue plus i haven’t exactly finished the wall i will be stenciling! Well i will have finished it by tomorrow but there is now harm in waiting an extra couple of days before i load my room up with crap yet again! Well maybe not as much as before considering i have been through about 9 black bags full of rubbish i don’t think there is much that will be coming back. Isn’t the saying you have to speculate to accumulate – well i just seem to accumulate crap!

Ebay at the moment is one of my good friends well it will be when i actually get my ass in gear to sell my stuff – well my books anyway. Not really sure what else to sell on there even though there are loads of people selling loads of things i am not sure what i want to put on there apart from my books! I will have to have a rummage through my stuff before i unpack properly! It is either that or a car boot sale and i can do Ebay from the comfort of my own home well apart from walking to the post office which i am pretty sure i can handle as i have one of those old lady trolleys to carry stuff in well my mum does i will just drag her with me to the post office! So that is me sorted for selling stuff! I just have to find it all now!

Well whilst it is still Friday i am going to get some drinking in!




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