Book Shop Boy . . .

Spending time in bookshops is not one of my usual hobbies but one of the shops I went into recently I saw one of the cutest book boys ever! Dark hair and blue eyes – I don’t think book boy is the correct work I am sure it is just sales assistant but for the purpose of me he is now known as book boy! It is only a crying shame that I have just realized that he works there as I am going back to uni next week and won’t have time to cruise the shops to cast an admiring eye on him. I guess I will just have to think about him when I go into many other bookshops that I visit on a daily basis when at uni not doing anything in particular!

A new selection of books is what I am aiming to get by the end of the year but before I even attempt to buy any more I am selling most of mine on E-bay as firstly I need the money and secondly there is no point in clogging up my shelves that I want to de-clutter with things that I have already read so killing two birds with one stone but only if people actually dig deep and buy my books.

Many people say that charity starts at home and it most definitely does, even though I am taking part in the Adidas 5k Women’s Challenge on Sunday and raising money for Macmillan as much as I want to raise money for them I need money for myself so selling my personal belongings I think the profit most definitely has to go to the charity of me.

Sunday seems to be coming round really quickly and as the days pass I get more and more excited as I know that I am actually going to be taking part in something that is worthwhile and I can actually say I did for a good cause.

A couple of years ago I did a coffee morning and raised around £350 for Macmillan and I know that I have left it late for fundraising but hopefully I will raise as much as I can for the Macmillan nurses as they looked after my Nan until the end and carried on making sure our family were coping well with the grief of losing our most important anchor.

Totally off the subject of raising money for a worthwhile cause other than myself I emailed Cosmo magazine UK a couple weeks back and got an email for the features editor telling me that they do not take on outsiders for freelance work but if I had any ideas for something that would be good for Cosmo she would consider me, no short from emailing her my blog URL which may not be good for Cosmo only sometimes as there is swearing but that can be edited and there isn’t that much to take out anyway!  Also if I write enough of these posts that nobody looks at then I suppose she can pick out what she likes – the only thing that I ask for is payment for services rendered!

My last question should I take one last visit to the bookshop in a strikingly subtle yet sexy outfit and a coffee in my hand to sit there and look at a couple books casually. Me thinks yes!


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