What a sad day

Today is the day i got rid of my car – my baby. I cried like a baby all kinds of sobs that i never knew actually would come out of my nose, mouth and so many tears but it is all over now. No more working god awful hours to keep something dragging me down so far to the point where i would have pro-plus induced work nights and then go to uni the next day still buzzin from the rush of not sleeping.

8 hours sleep feels like forever now but i have noticed the difference and i am happier for it. I am actually able to get up on my day off put on some sweats and flip flops and walk to the coffee shop and get a paper and toddle back to bed – the way life should be – easy! And if i feel like it have a cigarette on the way back home!

Not walking the dog tomorrow – only get to walk him on Tuesdays and some other days as mom takes him with her new found dog walking buddy every other day and then she moans i never take him out for some one that didn’t want a dog she doesn’t really have a leg to stand on seeing as i am up for walking him all the bloody time! Anyway rant for that over!

I am heading to the nail bar tomorrow morning and then out shopping with momma! That should be an interesting experience! Again! Might hit starbucks or cafe nerro for lunch but will decide when out then heading to the cinema to see District 9 – after reading Freaky’s review i am really intrigued to see it – not really into the whole alien thing but it looks like an interesting flick!

Well just a short one to say how sad i am but that i got over it too quickly!

Off to clean my face and hit the sack




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