Writers block

Paper, paper everywhere and not a piece you can read!

Writers block shouldn’t last thing long surely. Every time i start writing there is something in my head that says i shouldn’t be writing this and then i scratch it out and put a line through it.

So far this year as far as new years resolutions go i am an expert at staying single but as far as the running goes i haven’t been half as much as i would like to and am really disappointed in myself for this. Kind of sucks having to do a placement at the hospital half way through my regime but i will be back on top of things in no time – i just have to be.

On the man front the first and foremost reason for being so easily single is having no time and the time that i do have is catching up on sleep or with my nose in a book somewhere – it is getting to the stage of unhealthy.

There was the phase from the time i got back from holiday up until about new years eve that everything was frantic i was thinner and it was generally me running on vodka and coke, red wine and a funny man – the men and alcohol have stopped as for the red bull i still manage to find a happy medium between that and my books!

What to do next – a list . . .

– Go to the store and get some ladies things!
– Make a list of books needed for my assignment for the library
– Collect the books on the list
– Buy some more red bull
– Re-organise my room
– Clean things up!

Till next time . . .



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