Money madness

Does money make the world go round? I know it gives me a headache when i have none!

The world has gone completely made when you get a letter through your door demanding money that you never owed in the first place.

Scenario is . . .

Get in from a stressful day at work to find a stressed looking letter staring up at you from your door mat – you go to the kitchen and put the kettle on and realise that the letter is hand delivered – what could this be you ask yourself not knowing anyone that would do such a nice thing out of the blue so you relax kick off your shoes and open the letter.
You suddenly wish you kept your shoes on so you could get the hell out of the situation that has just unfolded from that stressed looking envelope.

NOT POSSIBLE i’m afraid.

You are told in this letter that in the next 48 hours that bailiffs will be coming to your house to take away your much loved possessions – the feeling right there in the pit of your stomach is not just nausea or the feeling of vomit rising up in your throat but the feeling of annoyance and disgust as you carry on through the RIDICULOUS letter and find out that the alleged debt has been outstanding for a long while and the people that you supposedly owe have been trying to contact you for a long period of time that you have neither heard or seen any evidence of this statement.

What to do next? Well at 11pm there is not much else to do but scream as hard as you can into a pillow have a glass of water and maybe a vodka or two and go to sleep – let’s face it even bailiffs have to sleep – well sometimes.

. . . to be continued unfortunately



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