Opposite sex etiquette


Well at least that is what has been running through my head for the past couple of weeks – sunday is the day I wake up and that certain someone brings me coffee and a muffin for breakfast. This is the point where you think aloud ‘That is just too cute’, in many respects it is however on the other hand isn’t that the way the men out there should be used to treating women?
If not then they need their other sex etiquette re-evaluated don’t you think?

With sex on the brain at this current point of the day (Is there any point of my day where it isn’t?) it gets me thinking what will be different this time around – if you are not privileged enough to know what I am talking about it is kind of tough as repeating myself is not an option but I will say ‘are the barriers down?’
To be brutally honest at the moment I am not too fussed whether they are or not as I am having a great time just enjoying the company.

Totally flipping the lid on the conversation i have almost finished doing my time on clinical placement and will be back to the real life of a student not doing too much but being constantly over stressed! I have set my sights on my prize that i will eventually get if i have enough money but as usual it hangs in the balance under someone else’s say so – in this case it would be Apple and whether you can buy care packages for your precious macs from them if you buy them somewhere else? If there are any Mac peoples out there that could help with this piece of information that seems to be floating around like gold dust at the moment then please step forward and put your 2-pence worth in as it will be most appreciated.

Moving on to the users and abusers portion of the post – naming and shaming I have to say has always been one of my strong points as it is true to say that ‘if you can’t do the time DONT do the crime’. But for name sake etc etc and all of that crap I will let this person remain nameless but I am almost positive you know who you are.

This certain person will attach themselves firmly to the back passage on anyone who they can gain something from just for status even if it means dropping the people that have always been closest and most loyal to you in the times you have needed it. With things going the way they are at the moment you would think people would think carefully about who they have as friends and associates and consider that most people put themselves in the category of being a ‘grown up’ there is a certain time where you really need to stop acting your shoe size and start acting your age.

When you start to have children they attach a whole different world of responsibility on your shoulders and if you are not prepared to handle that responsibility then you shouldn’t have children – as easy as that is said rather than followed through when you do finally have that child you should be doing everything in your power to fulfill those needs that are bestowed upon you and uphold that responsibility whilst teaching them the right way to live.
The right way to live i don’t think includes letting drug using friends past or present anywhere near your offspring but hey that is just the way the world is these days.

Well time for sleeps i think.

Till next time . . .

x x x


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