Poll position

Yesterday as you all know was the day that so called britons (and everybody else) could possibly make a difference in government history.

Firstly this opinion may sound slightly unfair but I don’t think so (if you don’t like it, don’t read it – simples)

People who live off benefits and have never contributed a penny to the ‘welfare state’ of this country whether it be NI or Income Tax should not be allowed to vote – how is it fair that someone who does absolutely NOTHING for this country can have a say in how it is run – obviously the majority of scum sucking leeches are going to vote for ‘Labour’ so they can continue to do as little as possible for money they don’t deserve.

I have been paying taxes since the national age made and it makes me sick to think that now I have decided to further my career I am suffering the financial pinch when some out there have decided a much more lucrative investment is laying on your bag or as many favour ‘doggy style!’ and conceiving a child you know damn sure you can’t take care of. Why should this effort be rewarded and mine scolded?

I am studying to work for one of the UK’s biggest organisations – yes the NHS but even though labour promise to improve the NHS they do not mention cuts of handouts to no good couch potatoes WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY ABOUT I ask you?!

Moving onto the blue portion of the selection of liars and hypocrites – the conservative party.

In 1964 Peter Griffiths spoke an infamous 10 word slogan that was never forgotten and taken up later by the BNP – the slogan read ‘If you want a nigger for a neighbour Vote Labour’ now regardless of what race I am this is highly offensive and backwards in the way of thinking. I do agree with many points put forward by conservatives about immigration being changed as this country and its government has taken it to a new level with regards to letting people in and not providing for their own but this discounts all the people of ethnic origin that contribute to this country – would it be fair to ask for extradition on the scroungers of this nation unfortunately not so racism should not be tolerated in any shape or form.

Why can it not be as simple as if you are contributing or showing prospects of contributing then you may have an opinion and gain benefits – if not then sod off.

Nostradamous predicted that ‘slit eyed people’ (not a PC term) would rule the world and it would come to an end in 2012 if you believe this then it is your call – I am indifferent on the subject. If he can make such a big prediction and many of his past thoughts were true then why does the typical british individual act like an ass on a daily basis and not put everything into enjoying every day – I am not saying that staying home and doing nothing is an excuse to say you are living each day to the full because it is not but why not have a positive attitude and make something of yourself?

A completely different kettle of boiled fish is the British National Party (of narrow minded pricks)
This party profess that they are there for the born and bred british nationals but what they don’t state is they are supporting the born and bred british WHITE population – again racism – this should not be tolerated.

Lastly the Lib Dem party put forward many good points such as no tax rises and generally doing what the other parties refuse to do therefore trying to please EVERYONE this cannot be possible can it?

So the question is who do we vote for?

Take your pick but choose wisely and know if you don’t vote then you have no right to moan so shut the hell up and keep grinding away!



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