Study vs Sleep

There is always something you would rather be doing when you are set a task, am I wrong?!

I honestly have to put it out there at this current moment in time I really cannot get my ass in gear to study for my exam on Friday and yes I hear the cries of ‘BUT IT’S THURSDAY’ but I have been mercilessly powering through many different textbooks and if I was stupid enough to pull my own hair out I would be balled and picky by now.

I think people underestimate how much works students actually do these days – okay I am not taking it back but I am slicing a piece of that comment off as not all students but with each week my course seems to be getting heavier and heavier – please do not mistake this as a complaint as I have been told that I thrive under pressure ( I am still yet to see my potential in this field).

My head is banging and I could really do with some pro plus and red bull but the last time I crammed like that it ended with me writing my name and the rest of the page covered in dribble and smudged mascara – needless to say I failed my Religious Education GCSE! If that was art I bet it would have been close to a school prize piece! Well maybe not but I had high hopes!

I know for a fact that every time I move my butt cheek it is not right to feel it tingling – I guess that would be from sitting down and reading for too long – so the medicine would be stop studying and chill out. If I follow that attitude I will most definitely fail but at least if I cram I can say I studied in a half assed manner and should at least get some marks – we shall see how it goes on THE DAY!

For now I am holding my eyes open with some very painful toothpicks (honestly do you think I am that sadistic!) and some STRONG black coffee – just the way it should be at stupid o’clock in the morning.

I give myself 25 minutes and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Have a nice day now!



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