Different strokes

Getting the overground service introduces you to a completely different breed of person and in the rush hour there are plenty for me to pick from.

Firstly we have the young dark haired light eyed girl who I guess you could say is gently experimenting with colour you have the habitual black work trousers with a big faux leather – how do I know? The smell! So anyone that steps in front of this leggy dark headed semi beauty they will get the glass eyed look of ‘why am I on this wretched train!’

At a certain station half of the train decant in order to carry on their journey to their individual workplaces after collecting their morning fix of caffeine and snarling at the attendant at the stand for not putting it in a cup quickly enough.

The day suddenly starts with an upright jolt and a new group of morning people flock to the carriage including two females. Both quite fresh faced one more so thank the other.
1. Ms not so fresh faced woke up this morning and thought ‘oh a sunny day’ with what kind of emotion we will never know but the mindset that she would wear something resembling a smock with some leggings and black pumps with the attempt of dressing for summer – well done girl maybe next week those gorgeous legs of yours will make an appearance.
2. Freshy – I would like to say that this young beauty’s outfit was fit for work but unless I was used to getting dressed in the dark this would be wrong. When you are going to wear a suit to work why not push the boat out and make sure the suit jacket and pants MATCH at least? Am I wrong! Aside from her inconsiderate co-ordination (yes clothes have feelings!) with her ensemble she has very nice nails so I guess that she can be let off the hook?!

Moving onto the male species of the group there was one he hailed from far but close enough! He was the fidgety suit of the group – steeling quick glances at the rest of the carriage whilst fiddling with his iPhone, the good thing about the fidgety kind they seem to be the polite ones of the suit wearing clan that like to be known as businessmen! Just off the top of my head by looking at some of their suits their business must be as interest as me doing a number 2 but hey at least they have a job!

Well I can honestly say people watching has been extra fun!

Have a nice day now – enjoy the sun!



One thought on “Different strokes

  1. That is exactly what I miss about the big city. I love the people watching! Watching, observing listening, maybe some note taking….

    There are just too few homeless crackheads in rural Spain. You’d think I was kidding but I’m not.


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