What the deuce?!

On my way to get the morning train and clicking anxiously on the left soft key of my phone – NOTHING! Diddly squat…

I wanted to throw the stupid piece of phone on the railway line and cry but then I’d be phoneless until vodafone decide to replace the thing.

When I first got my gorgeous berry I was so elated I even did a little dance – my penance for being so damn happy was a faulty phone that cut out as and when it felt like it. I mean come on I don’t get bumfucked every month for a tidy sum of line rental and insurance for nothing do I?
Only problem – if I take this back again ill have to enter all my data yet again – I mean come the fuck on.

So the phone starts to work and I get a couple of calls both of which have extremely bad reception, volume or some kind of childsplay problem – I just want to scream!

On the flipside I have good music on my MePod! Current theme tune to a crowded train journey – christina milian – dip it low! I have to say old skool yes but a friggin tune nonetheless!

So I am not going to let a piece of technology ruin my sunny day which follows on from yesterday where I walked away from the games arcade (yes I went there and had a damn good time!) and took with me a big bag of loot which included:
– a meerkat teddy (what I wanted the most!)
– a dog teddy
– 2 x meerkat keyrings (I know cheesy but so cute!)
– a magic 8 ball keyring (you know you want one!)
– 2 tamagotchi lanyard things which I will promptly be taking back!
– a number of sweets

Needless to say I was I happy with my loot and even happier when I found some stray tickets in my back pocket this morning when I shook my jeans out!

In conclusion I’m still smiling and everyone else should be – the sun is shining and the weather is sweeeeeet!

Have a nice day now



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