Eating worms

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, i might as well go and eat worms! I think that is how the song goes, if not then there is a new song in the making right there – DIAL SIMON COWELL NOW AND IF THEY PUT YOU ON HOLD DIAL AGAIN!

Justification seems to be the word on everyone’s lips at the moment whether it is in regards to a relationship and actually being able to justify the label you and the other half have chosen for the pathetic excuse you call a relationship or just work related bits and bobs and being able to justify time being spent organising things that should have been done a long time ago by members of staff that are too highly thought of and self pedestooled (if that is not a word then it should be!). One way or another there should be someone around to knock some sense into these people, that person is most certainly not me but i would definitely like to know who they were and watch them in their tracks to succession of making sense of the moronic creatures that this earth seems to spawn.

Exhibit A

My beloved friend gets her heart stomped all over by a worthless jumped up barman who couldn’t do anything with his life unless he was pushed into a job that actually mattered by someone who cared about him but he is too self righteous to see this. The problem here ladies and gents is this contemptuous miscreant is a no less than a low down thick ass momma’s boy who needs to get is ass in gear and treat my friend right before he ends up getting his heart broken in two because as they say on the television adverts she is LOREAL 100% and YES she is worth it.

Exhibit B

A long time friend that used to be more than that but he showed his aggressive side in a place that i call home and that just isn’t right. We stopped conversing for a long while but still keep in contact via mobile and the good old world wide web however i refuse to meet up with him in person again until he sorts his temper out. This is not a case of being afraid of someone as i have yet to admit this to ANYONE. However lets put it more or the side of letting him see the effects of his rage and losing his friends is one of them. Every so often i get a text or voice message asking me to come over and then a repeat message telling me which of course i ignore. But today i get a message telling me that contact will be ceased forever from here on in. To me this is no biggie apart from the fact that we are better friends verbally than we are physically but apparently this is not enough. Well my answer to this is delete, breath and reboot. Am i wrong here? I really don’t want to comment but i don’t think so.

The conclusion to this sour state of affairs i guess would have to be – if you cannot love yourself enough to say i would prefer to be alone than be with someone who is incompatible with me or i am with them then you are not happy within yourself therefore do not have the capacity to truly and honestly love someone else. Am i happy? Well that is a question only i can answer. . .

Have a nice day now



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