Winter lovin . . .

Snow love

Why is life always completely different than that life that we all dream of after watching it on the big screen.

Snow falls and the girl has a lovely warm coat with a mug of coffee/hot chocolate being stradled by her cold hands and a guy waiting there just ready to hug her when her smile slightly droops from the cold weather. They then move into their snow covered chalet somewhere in the alps and cuddle up by the fire and watch an old movie with a bottle of red wine to set the mood.

The above scenario always seems to happen to the little rich girls who live off mummy and daddy’s money without a hope in hell of having to touch on the real world.

The rest of us that know what it is like to do a full days work and actually strive for what we have seem to get the rough ride of getting through the daily grind and trying to find a decent man to spend the rest of days with that we wont live in fear of him leaving us or pillaging our bank accounts (yes some men are gold diggers). Now this may seem a little cynical but in many cases this is sad but true.

This time of year is the time for couples and yet again the singles hunt begins. Sadly i don’t have the time nor money to be out on this grossly expensive manhunt for someone that is a habitual couch potato with the spark of a boiled cabbage. What to do, what to do?

Maybe it is time to join a dating site?! Let me contemplate this and see how it goes . . .


Please do share . . .

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