When you have an argument with someone and you apologize just to keep the peace even though they were wrong in the first place, what do you do when they ‘have no interest’ in what you have to say.

Over the years there have been several arguments and for the sake of an easy life i always apologize first even when wrong and things are usually resolved however for some reason this person is just being a habitual arse wipe.

So my standing on this will be ‘i have apologized once which was shunned by you and will not do so again’ overall this matter is closed and regret is something that only the other person will HAVE to live with. Moving on sure feels great and knowing that there is only 1 year left to put up with this daily grind of shit i am quietly willing this next year away. I say quietly and i mean that as well as quickly.

One day next year i will wake up in my own flat without the headache of knowing i have to say good morning to someone i cannot stand – i don’t use the word hate as it is a very strong word but i think disdain comes very close to the way i feel about this individual.

I will have Sundays to myself with a cup of coffee and a paper without the thought of like many other days getting up and being greeting by a mutant. There will also be days where i will come home and just sit with a lovely glass of vino in front of the TV and maybe even fall asleep, who knows but it will be MY place.

All that is left to say on this matter is ROLL ON NEXT YEAR to happier, brighter times!


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