Happy Birth Day to meeeee . . .

Cocktail hours . . .

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear meeeeee, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I would do a round of hip hips but i think i am getting too old for that, maybe not but i really just couldn’t be bothered to put it on there.

This week so far has been one for the books, since last friday i just haven’t stopped. I have been in and out of my house like a blue assed fly and barely seen my bed in a good way for most of it. It is getting slightly wearing on the body and most definitely on my liver but i think perseverance is the way forward just for this week as you only live once and i need to enjoy it to the maximum.

Plans for the big day include waking up from a drunken slumber which was induced by Patrón and smoke, getting an add lee car to bank station and tubing it to Hammersmith way to see some old colleagues for breakfast and maybe have lunch up there also but this all depends on whether i can stay awake for long enough to ingest any type of food.

Moving onto the evening portion of the day there are several options to pick from most of which include eating but i would much rather just carry on drinking as i guess it will make me feel better well a little better than i do at the moment. Drinkswise i am looking to take in some well made frozen cocktails that taste as yummy as they look.

One of my first pictures or as they say gravatars for this blog showed up as ‘The Swerve’ after searching extensively to find the picture again on google i think i am going to have to wait until i get home and get it from my computer where i originally saved it as the one that i did find that you can see above will just not do it for me.

Looking around on google these days seems to be one of my many passions to pass the day so whilst cruising for things to do whilst one is bored i thought i would type in a recommended restaurant and it all popped up on screen Bistro 1 in Soho. Lovely cuisine and drink and it will be enjoyed in lovely company.

Let’s see how it goes.



3 thoughts on “Happy Birth Day to meeeee . . .

    • Thanks dude!

      The cocktail does look delicious! I haven’t actually had the chance to taste it but its called ‘The Swerve’ apparently!

      Tummy troubles are thankfully out of the window now!


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