The last album . . .

Scissor Sisters

Yet again I deviated from my duties of following the daily blog challenge but I am here now so don’t complain!
The last album I purchased was Scissor Sisters – at the time it was upbeat and every time I put it on it had the same feel good factor as a carnival soca song when cleaning.

The only song that I actually bought the album for was Filthy/Gorgeous I have to admit it was all over the radio and it bothered me that everyone was raving about it. I fell to my knees like many others to the consumer market and caved at the checkout so I could hear my song.

The saying ‘don’t judge a book by its’ cover’ should also apply to CD covers as the cover for this particular CD is incredibly enticing but the actual content apart from the obvious few songs lacks oomph. One of those sort of albums that just drones in your ears until they almost bleed or they are bleeding so much that you just stop noticing. The high pitched whining is not bearable and same sort of backline for the supposed beat is just annoying.

What more could I say about this delectable album! Not much so I did a little background research on Scissor Sisters to see if there was anything extraordinary about the group.

Apparently the name Scissor Sisters was inspired by the sexual position between two women known as Tribadism (Scissoring). To carry out this position two women rub their genitals together to receive sexual pleasure. See below:


Originally known as Fibrillating Scissor Sisters they released their album Scissor Sisters in 2004 and it was in the charts in Australia, Canada and around parts of Europe including the place they know as their spiritual home England. There are many other facts and figures about this group and their members if you would like to know then head on over to google and type in scissor sisters and even go to

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One thought on “The last album . . .

  1. I’ve always thought that was a ridiculous position. Seems like unless you’re really horny it’s also an impractical position too. Though it does look kind of hot.

    I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD. Seriously, I’m trying to think what it was and I just can’t do it. You really wanted to listen to the whole CD or just buying the single you wanted wasn’t an option?


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