Jesus Christ & The Devil (Terry Jones)

How is it that someone can be so out and out STUPID???? This man who calls himself a pastor (Terry Jones – THE DEVIL INCARNATE) is spreading words of disgrace that harm the christian religion. There is nothing christian about this man because if there were he would not be spread words of hatred and potential harm to others. Some seem to forget the Jesus was a Jew so he was different to many but he still loved all.

Allah is the muslim god and they who follow that religion choose to pray to him. Jesus is the catholics son of God and we have simply God with no other name other than Father to call him by. It was never written to hate thy neighbour i believe it was ‘Love thy neighbour’

NOW the fact that the Taleban are truly awful people should not taint our views on some truly lovely people that take their faith incredibly seriously. Living so close to one of the biggest mosques in Europe there are a lot of muslims in my area and although i have had alongside many others views about how their planned events have caused road blocks and it can be a hindrance to our community, the people that worship at their temple bring nothing but peace to themselves and others around them.

Everyone has the right to free speech but when it is at the risk of harming a numerous amount of other people just because they want to be heard they need one big hard piece of wood in their face. Maybe if someone smacked Mr Jones around the head with a big wooden cross it would knock some sense into the redneck, nonsense talking hillbilly that claims himself a PASTOR.
(No offence to the Rednecks and actual hillbillies out there i am sure you are ok people in your own right!)

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN. Unless you want to see all of our young boys and girls out there fighting for nothing DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS MAN before it is too late.

I apologise for the bad english used in this post but i got so worked up – THE MAN SHOULD BE PUT ON DEATH ROW AND SOON.


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