Back to school

First day back and sitting on the great london underground service to the glorious place known as Elephant & Castle all I can think of is my nice warm bed. Once again there are apologies from deviating from my 30 day blog thing. If I’m honest I’m just not the everyday blog kinda gal so there may be several deviations from the programme! But I can say that I will complete 30 posts in due course.

So good morning everyone and I’m guessing that most of the world at this time of their morning feel the same need for a strong coffee and NO lectures! I have to admit I have some tunes playing so I am marginally happier than I am usually am on the miserable underground trek. Although I share an slight disdain for the overground service at the moment as both trains that would have been possible to catch to get me to my destination were either way to early or just that little bit too close to time.

England just doesn’t seem to get the point that if something is right just leave it to carry on being right.


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