A photo that makes me happy – DAY 4 (starting over . . .)

Just going through my picture folder and there are a couple of photos that make me happy so i am going to include them all. They are all quite recent and photos that i took myself whilst out and about.

Audi Concept Car 202 

Even for dogs they look happy especially the one on the left! Look at that cheesy smile!

Audi Concept Car 092

A cat named Oliver who was actually a stray that started showing up at my elderly aunties place but seemed like a good thing as it kept her company and him happy. That was until he started throwing up. Looking at that evil face gives me a chill but he was actually quite the big softy – emphasis on the word BIG! Fat cat!

Audi Concept Car 108

This is Hector, he is 4 years old and gets into all kinds of mischief. He has hip dysplasia but still bounces up and down like a puppy. He has taken up the past 4 years of my life and continues to do so much to my joy! Chillin’ is his middle name and he makes sure he lives by it until he gets shouted at by my overzealous mother.

end of mr y 1

One of the best books i have read so far and have yet to find one that tops the excitement i displayed when i finished reading this.


Welcome back to my 30 day blog challenge people and this has been Day 4.



4 thoughts on “A photo that makes me happy – DAY 4 (starting over . . .)

  1. With the tongue in mid pant it seems like Hector has the cheesiest smile to me. Was that before or after their walk?

    Oliver looks like he wants to slap and scratch some with his pimp paw.

    Never heard of the book but I’ll look it up.


    • The pic with all three of them in the car was after the walk and the one with the hat was just a day chillin in the garden!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Oliver has used his pimped paw on more than one occasion! Big fat charmer!

      As for the book – see if you can get a copy – it is an amazing book and really gets you thinking. Let me know if you get one!


  2. I looked it up and Amazon has it in paperback for a decent price. I might get it after I figure out how much money I’ll have for the rest of the month. It sounds interesting though.


    • Did you manage to get the book?

      Since then i have read the Millenium Trilogy – you know Girl with the Dragon Tatt etc and just about to start on the Lord of the Rings after i finish a light hearted girly book called Love Letters!


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