YES i am one of those

There was either a blog, tweet or newspaper article i cannot remember which but the main point of the writers rant was ‘Don’t you hate those people that sit in coffee shops hogging tables whilst doing work, reading and drinking coffee’

My stubborn and one sided answer to this appalling accusation is ‘I bought a coffee and muffin and have work to do, don’t be jealous because you didn’t get a table’ I have been in the position plenty of times where i am ready to settle down with my laptop to work and there is not a spot to rest so i take it away and DO NOT complain. I guess these days people are just naturally jealous of people that have something they want – like a seat in the coffee shop.

I generally use the coffee shop as my getaway from home, the majority of the people that moan have their own domain where they can just lock the door and escape people – myself = not so lucky!!

So people i am going to put my hands up and be proud when i say YES i sit in the coffee shop and take up a table as i have the right as do you when you get a seat as you know just as well as all the other coffee shop lovers do that you sit on your backside for longer than most when you get a seat!

Stop the complaints and enjoy some good coffee and chill!!!!

Whilst sitting here i have been lucky to observe such lovely things as men looking after their newborn children and fellow students chilling and studying!

Well for now back to the planning and essay writing.

Have a nice day now!


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