Addition to the numbers

A recent trip to Ikea and some DIY putting up purchases made me realise just how many books I own. My dad has been trying to persuade me to purchase a kindle but it is just not the same as leafing through the pages of your favourite books. The Kindle does have its good points – those being a massive memory and a slimline look with a weight to match you would think of it as a girls best friend to carry in her handbag. Just imagine not having a massive chunkster weighing you down even more than the regular ‘essentials’ stashed in your MASSIVE bag!

So in addition to the previous books on my list I want to add a couple of girly titles:

– Marian Keyes – The Charming Man
– Marian Keyes – Anybody Out There
– Sheila O’Flanagan – Bad Behaviour

The first book on my list that does not qualify not only because it is too short but also it was read on an e-book. ‘The Wedding Girl’ by Madeleine Wickham aka Sophie Kinsella shortly to be followed by the long-awaited ‘Mini Shopaholic’ also by Sophie Kinsella. I have read the whole shopaholic series up until now and have patiently waited for this book to hit the shelves. It did last year and I didn’t have enough money to make ‘the’ purchase so I waited and waited and finally the price was stable and I hit the add the basket button and followed through. I now have a hardback copy on my shelf waiting to be read, I hope it is as good as the past books.

Now what I want to know is – am I the only one that loves her books or are there more out there that appreciate the simple, funny wit of Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood? I know that there are those much like Sex and the City fanatics that have read the books and seen the film in the case of SATC watched the boxsets from the first to last and then watched the films, but there are also those that have watched the films and not had any literature to compare it to. Is it like the twilight saga or have people made the effort to actually open the pages/kindle!

Well . . .


Please do share . . .

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