2011 E-Book Challenge

This year seems to be the time for me to sit up and pay attention to the blogging world on a whole new level. Alongside the organisation of my regular life I would like to broaden my horizons on the blog front and push myself that step further to see what is out there.

Things I intend to do:

– Challenge sign ups for interest and enjoyment!
– Revamp my blog
– Follow through whatever I start

For now that seems like a small list that I can work with and hopefully see through to the end of the year.

So the 2011 E-Book Challenge

I am currently not in the possession of an E-Reader but do frequently borrow my dads, more frequently than he uses it himself!

The first book i read was ‘The Wedding Girl’ by Madeleine Wickham aka Sophie Kinsella I read it prior to entering the challenge but started and finished it in 2011 so I hope it still counts. As mentioned before I plan to enter a few challenges this year and have entered a couple already – which will be listed on my sidebar with links shortly. As part of my Post A Week challenge I will be keeping you up to date with my reading and other things that are going on in general.

My hopes for this year:

– For more people to view my blog and actually read it!
– Expand my personal reading
– Become more organised

Again another list that can hopefully be adhered to. Well I am rambling now and that is not attractive in type!


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