It’s Monday what are you reading?

Well I am still reading ‘Mini Shopaholic‘ by Sophie Kinsella and so far I don’t really think I can say so good. 100 pages in and not a lot of time to catch up on it any faster I can honestly say it is not as much of a catch as the past books she has written.
The reviews however say otherwise so I think I will wait until I get to the end!

I am getting slightly irritated with it but that may just be because I am slightly irritated in myself – let’s see what happens! With so much to do on an essay and due date looming heavily I think I might set it aside for after next week.

On this specific Monday being valentine’s day i have had a nice day with the other half and having a nice romantic night in with a plasma ball, candles and a Balti takeaway with a bottle of champagne. There are also a few chic flicks on the side!

Have a Happy V-Day peeps! Muchos Luvos!


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