Yesterday’s post was slightly on the short side but that was due to a number of errands that I had to run and many other things on my daily to do list that just were not getting done.

A quick recap of my reading habits over the past week really shines the line on how complacent I have become with my pages full of dreams and wonder. This week I have been reading ‘Mini Shopaholic‘ by Sophie Kinsella as mentioned before and getting slightly antsy with it. I have now pulled my finger out so to speak and realised that I need to organise myself properly and stop stressing out with last-minute plans.

I have started working on my assignment in bulk and reading whenever I take a break which should get me through the book a little quicker and onto one of my chunksters. I took a day off from worrying and ended up in unorganised chaos for V-Day which by the end of the day left me feeling slightly worse for it but I got over it quickly when I was presented with a massive Balti chicken tikka, peshwari naan and some pilau rice – not good for the healthy side of things but it can’t hurt to have a little enjoyment can it?!

After watching the film ‘Twelve Monkeys‘ and being left reeling from the compelling film with no real ending i set myself the task of trying to figure out what actually happened and finding some sort of meaning to the madness of the incredibly insane film. I have to say Brad Pitt was absolutely amazing and Bruce Willis just had me hooked to the screen.

I plan to move on to a Chunkster from my list either ‘This Charming Man‘ or ‘The Brightest Star in the Sky‘ by Marian Keyes, the latter of which was a new purchase from someone very special to me, a lovely present not only because it was a book but the thought of it. I have only ever been bought a book once I think – many have given me book vouchers some of which are for useless shops but then when I think back no book voucher is for a useless shop – overpriced maybe but never useless!
This Charming Man by Marian KeyesThe Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

Well I better start packing up the old crap, de-cluttering all of the mess around me and start afresh . . .


Please do share . . .

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