Book Blogger Hop 25/2 – 28/2

Book Blogger Hop

This is the first time I have taken part in the Book Blogger Hop hosted every Friday by Jennifer @ Crazy For Books – why not join in and hop from one blog to another, find new blogs to read, talk to new people and see some great reviews. To join in all you need to do is sign up on Mr Linky at Jennifer’s blog and people will be able to find your blog.

Jennifer asked: Do you ever wish you would have named your blog something different?

My answer: I started blogging under the name *SnakeBite* I think around 2005 and was using blogger, back then I wasn’t really too fussed about the name of my blog as it didn’t mean much apart from a place for others to stop by. Now it seems to have evolved into one of the most important things so people can remember where you are at.

I now go by the name Young 1 because although I am hitting a quarter century I am still young and believe I have a lot to learn. The actual address Blog a book came about after another name change from Only Young Once. So as you can see I have been around the bushes and over some hedges to get to where I am at the moment and I still have abysmal ratings – what to do, what to do? Well this is not the reason I joined Blogger Hop but hopefully some may drop by and think the rantings of a 20 something are slightly interesting if not irritating enough to argue their point in a friendly manner.

We shall see.

As for the books I read – well anything and everything really, if it catches my eye or I have read a review somewhere and there is always the time when I come across a great bargain at a book market or charity shop.

This weekend I have in front of me:

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella – yes i am still reading it but in my defence there has been a ball breaker of an assignment to get through, not with words but just plain boredom.

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga – cannot wait to get stuck into this read been on my list for a LONG while

The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes – again cannot wait to get into this one, advertised nicely and was bought as a present by the man in my life.

Well have a nice day people I will be back with updates of how far I get! Should be a great weekend.


Friday 56 by Freda's Voice
The Friday 56 hosted by Freda’s Voice – another that I have never taken part in but hey why not it’s fun and she has a cool blog.

So you grab absolutely any book you can get your hands on, flip to page 56, and what is the sentence that grabs you the most?

The book I grabbed today is:
One for my baby by Tony Parsons

The sentence: ‘No dirty words! Chips only with meal!’ she taps a menu with her biro. ‘Says so here. You want chips, you order meal. For goodness sake. I wasn’t born tomorrow.’

I have yet to read this book along with several other of Tony Parsons books they are waiting in the pipeline! Back to shopaholic or I shall never finish!

Hope your days are going well . . .


12 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 25/2 – 28/2

  1. You have really thought about names for your blog and even dared to change it a few times. I’d like to change but I haven’t thought of a good name yet.

    These three books are really good! Happy reading!


    • Thank you! The first name didn’t have much thought but after that i thought it had to be done!
      Why not think about your favourite thing in the world and centre the name around that?

      As for the books, thanks again! I will keep the blog updated about how i get on – i need to get off the comp, turn the TV off and start reading!

      Have a GREAT weekend! 😀


  2. I love the cover of the book..its so random..its one of those mundane things when photographed grab your attention!
    The quote made me curious about the book now..

    Drop by and check out my pg 56
    Have a great weekend!:D


    • I have to say it is incredibly random but quite sweet! His other books are just the same. It has built my curiosity for the book even more so it will be read asap along with his other books!

      Thanks for stopping by and i hope to see you here again – Hope you had a great weekend too 😀


    • I’m looking forward to actually reading the book! I will be adding this meme to my calendar! Thank you for coming to my blog and i look forward to seeing you here again 😀


  3. You sound like me! When I was trying to think of a name for my blog, I just typed in the first thing that came into my head. Now I wish I had taken a little more time with it because I am known for the name and it’s too late to change it. Oh well.

    Glad to have found you via the Hop!


    • It’s weird how it has evolved from something that meant not so much to something that i can say will hopefully serve a purpose – for me anyway – a directional outlet!

      Your blog name is pretty cool – why change what is already good!!!

      Glad you came by and thanks for reading hope to see you back 😀


  4. Blog Hopping. I think that people tend to get bored with their name even when they like it. Over time everyone wants something new.


    • That is very true but sometimes if something means so much it may be better left the way it is – i wonder how long mine will mean as much as it does at the moment. Thanks for stopping by and hope you come by again 😀


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