It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

It's Monday What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday What Are You Reading? is a fabulous weekly hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, you can link up your blog to it and read a whole host of other blogs and Sheila even hosts a prize giveaway! Stop by her blog and GET INVOLVED! You won’t ever look back!

In my case it would be probably be better if I was asked what I am NOT reading! This past week I have been very lax with my book collection apart from of course my completion of my first ever Manga for the Mini March Challenge hosted by Tanabata at In Spring it is the Dawn.

As mentioned previously I also started a Japanese Literature book of short stories and found it rather difficult to get into and lack the will power to try harder. So with that in mind and ready to get into a good read I moved on swiftly to another book that I borrowed from the Library ‘Tuscany for Beginners’ by Imogen Edwards-Jones. Now I haven’t read any of this writers previous works but I am on chapter 2 and all I want to do is put it down. Perseverance is my strong point as most people who know me will agree with me but this book is, well the only way I can put it ‘All kinds of annoying’.

So far there is an introduction to a jumped up podgy vertically challenged woman who goes by the name of Belinda – her past being in the UK but she moved when she found her husband in bed with her next door neighbour and good friend. I thought this would be the makings of a great story but not so much. From the start of the book I could easily see why someone would leave this woman as she really thinks she is something that she may not be. So needless to say I got a slight headache from reading the not so sharp wit of this annoying woman and put the book on the pile to be taken back.

Books read last week:

Naruto Volume 21 (Library book)

Reading Next:

Further Under the Duvet by Marian Keyes (Library Book)
Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella (Library Book)

Other activities this week consist of getting quite a bit of uni work done but mainly for my own benefit as it is personal statements, CV’s and covering letters. Plus I have a Meds exam next week so studying for that should also eat up some time – and finally on Friday I have a visitor that I have been eagerly awaiting and all I can say about that is ‘squeeeee!!!’

So without any more hesitation – What are you reading today?


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