It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

Before I officially went MIA I wrote this post:


It's Monday What Are You Reading?

Hosted by Sheila at Book Journey – It’s Monday What Are You Reading? is a great meme where you list what you have been reading, what you are reading and what you plan to read. You can do all of this whilst browsing through a list of other bloggers and reading fabulous pages about books, books and yet again BOOKS!

To buy or to borrow? Not really a great question for me because I love to buy but if I am impatient for the price to drop I borrow then buy at a later date. This may not seem sensible but being able to see all of my books on a shelf (conquests some may call them!) is an amazing site, especially when they are all in a mish mash but still have some order.

Book Shelf
The most amazing wall of books – apart from the colour this is my dream set of bookshelves and they would be a lot fuller considering my book stash. This includes the books I purchased just yesterday, some people have a tradition of coffee and papers in the morning, my morning tradition seems to sway towards a lay in then a lazy bathing session followed by a lazy dressing session and trip to Starbucks for a coffee with extra coffee and a minor trundle to Waterstone’s to see what is about and on offer.

This weeks visit was a couple of days early due to my special visitor I had to then move it to the day when I was babysitting so this was a bit of extra encouragement as I would not have to carry my shopping. This is not a good thing in my case due to my constant need to shop and fill a basket and actually go to the till with the entire basket – this happens a lot – a HELL OF A LOT in Lush!

This week i am reading:

Remember Me by Sophie KinsellaI have read all of Kinsella’s other books including the latest to the Shopaholic addition and as always i am still wanting more from this truly amazing writer. I have started my reading expedition through the Madeleine Wickham collection with The Wedding Girl and will slowly be making my way through these books also. Almost at half way through i will start to read another book when i am done, there is a slightly larger than average selection for me to choose from as i don’t seem to be able to stop buying new books but seeing as this is a library book the next read will have to be one of these two:

New Reads 20/03

One of these books is going to be returned without being read as I am not going to be available to return it when I am not in the area. So it will go back on the list of books TBR – what a shame. This is unless i read super fast this week which is doubtful this week due to amount of numbers i have to remember. WOW – here we go!

I have another pile of books that even though there is already a growing TBR list of already owned book that will have to go yet again on the back burner in favour of these new beauties down here:

New booksI have been waiting to read The Book of Tomorrow for quite a while now and really look forward to getting stuck into the supposedly juicy pages from Cecilia Ahern.

Well here is to me being MIA and coming back on a high hopefully!


10 thoughts on “It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

    • I stopped by your page and you are right a very busy month for you is coming up! I tried to add you to my RSS but your site didn’t have one so i just bookmarked you! Have a great day and hope you come back 😀


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I had my blog professionally designed. I am not a techy. I used Blogaholic Designs owned by Emily. She is very good at what she does. Check her out. You can google Blogaholic or visit my page and scroll down to near the bottom. You’ll see a link for her there.



    • I did stop by her page and it really is so beautiful and tempting i need to think long and hard and maybe start using my brain – as i used to do comp programming!! Long time ago!
      Happy Reading and i hope you stop by again 😀


  2. Thank you for stopping by 🙂 I’ve read a few Marian Keyes before, but not a Kinsella. Room is on my list (I heard that the audiobook version was really good, recorded by a boy) and I’m still ambivalent about The Slap (good and negative reviews alike). I know people who read Ahern’s YA book and considered it pretty good.
    What do you think White Tiger? I read it a while ago and thought it was brilliant 🙂


    • White Tiger for me is going to be the book for all the others to beat this year – it was definitely my number 1 so far. From start to finish i didn’t get bored which is really something for me. Adiga kept me in the story throughout and i didn’t even contemplate losing my train of thought! I am glad that i am not the only one that loves it!

      As for Ahern’s P.s. I Love You – i have seen the film and it made me cry so i am hoping the book is just as good – well not that i like to cry but you know what i mean! Marian Keyes is a good writer, never the same dull thing so far! As for Kinsella please please please pick one up and i am hoping like me you don’t want to put them down! I am on the last one of her as Kinsella and will move onto her writings as Madeleine Wickham although i have conquered one of those already on Kindle! You should read the Shopaholic series very refreshing! – thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon when i write another post 😀


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