Been A While

So I have been away for a while and taken leave from my reading senses, but all with good reason. Finally I have finished my last ever assignment as a student nurse, today is the day that i will be handing it in and be free from the constraints of student assignment writing. There is one last task I am to complete before I get the medal of honour so to speak.

My FINAL task:

12 Weeks working on a gynaecology ward that entails all kinds of glorious patients with an array of different symptoms and conditions that come to us for help and general kindness. I have to say I hope I can be one of those that actually does make a difference. During the 3 months on the ward I will have to complete a skills book which must be packed with signatures and dates by the end date and if I am lucky there will be some nice doctors and nurses that will write some personal statements about me. As a final push this placement seems to be one that teeth can be sunk into nice and deep – at the risk of sounding like a medical vampire. Otherwise known as the last hurrah, this placement has to see me out in a fashion that fireworks and sparklers would be jealous. I have to outshine many of those beautiful stars in the sky and come out on top just so the sister will see that I (Young1) is a step ahead and worth employing.


This may be pushing my reading boundaries slightly but it would be really nice if I could finish Room by the end of the week, now whilst I am sitting here contemplating the possibilities it seemed wildly open to achievement. Tomorrow (Friday) the only thing that is happening in my world is driving back up north in the morning and getting my backside to the gym for a burning spin session. After that the day is my oyster and I will take full advantage to get through as many pages as possible until something else crops up.


A trip down to London today to collect the car changed into an overnight stay with lunch and midday shopping trip (carrying my mums bags) and dinner. There may be some possible reading time before I go to bed but it is slim pickings for minutes as we have only just started watching the third installment of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (the second time I have had the privilege of watching the incredibly long film). After my bus, then train journey followed by acting chauffeur for the parents all I need now is my bed and all I want is the hubs to cuddle up to.

Well have a good night blogsters!



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