Yet ANOTHER Challenge

Catching up on some of the blogs that I haven’t visited for quite a while as nothing seems to be popping up in my RSS, at the same time as creating the list of blogs I read for my Blogger profile I came across the challenge below.

After a previous visit to the library where I borrowed my first ever Murakami book and was not interested in it in the slightest as the style of writing just was not my thing. A recommendation from a fellow book blogger to read Norwegian Wood sparked my interest in the author again also the link from another bloggers page sent me surging forward to find the challenge. Then this turned up so a big thanks to Leeswammes’ and Tanabata for bringing my attention to this great challenge (an actual challenge that I will be pushing myself through and may feel a great sense of achievement). I know that sounds slightly cheesy about the self achievement but it would feel pretty damn good so why not!

Currently my reading time is still quite slow per book but who knows it might pick up all of a sudden, we shall see! Not counting chickens at the moment as the next few weeks are going to be HECTIC but there is always a hope!

Happy Reading Blogsters!



2 thoughts on “Yet ANOTHER Challenge

    • Ooh i have heard about that one but not tried it out yet. I am going to have a go at Norwegian Wood and see what happens. Whatever the weather i will let you know – so keep your eyes peeled. 😀


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