Twenty Something: The Quarter Life Crisis of Jack Lancaster – by Iain Hollingshead

Twenty Something by Iain Hollingshead

‘Twenty Something recounts a year in the life of Jack Lancaster, a go-getting graduate in the City, who is mainly going and getting drunk. Inspired by the sage advice of Flatmate Fred, Jack decides to start keeping a diary, in the hope that by writing down his thoughts, he’ll be able to tease out the snags in his complicated life: his disastrous relationship with the luscious Lucy, his dismal job in an investment bank, and his general dissatisfaction with life as a twentysomething in the City.

Setting out to sabotage his career and save his soul, Jack embarks on a war of nerves with his sarcastic, Latin-spouting boss, Mr Cox and dumps his girlfriend, falling head over heels in love with the office beauty. But when his ex takes up with his ginger best friend by way of revenge, Jack’s life spirals further into chaos, until a tragic twist of fate sets him on a bumbling journey towards a life less awful.

With a hilarious cast of friends, family and workmates, and capturing a moment in life with which every twentysomething (and thirtysomething) will identify, Twenty Something will amuse and horrify in equal measure, anyone who’s ever hated their job and had their heart broken.’

My Thoughts:

I started this book like any other eager to find out what was inside and much like Bridget Jones Diary this was a book full of personal affairs and general moans and groans about how life is mistreating the individual. The part that made me laugh was when it was mentioned that all people who wrote journals were fat losers! He most definitely has something to learn and should start reading some blogs I think, but that may only be me.

Finished this book this morning before getting out of bed and felt a great sense of achievement. Why I felt this I am not sure but it felt good. Towards the end of the book there was incredibly feel good factor and it made me think that there really are many routes I could take down the line of general life and work. Leaving the rat race in London is a life long dream of many who may never accomplish it due to trepidation of the possibilities and the reality of the definite consequences that occur after even an easy decision.

Overall the substance of the book until the end was very light and airy (not for children obviously due to some expletives used in daily language!). The book caught my attention initially due to the fact that I may suffer a quarter life crisis this year as I will be 25 in August. However my grip on reality and sense seems to be in working order for now.

Definitely a good read and very entertaining so I would recommend it.

My Rating: 3/5 



One thought on “Twenty Something: The Quarter Life Crisis of Jack Lancaster – by Iain Hollingshead

  1. I already added this to my wishlist after you mentioned it before – it’s had great reviews so I don’t think it’ll be long before I succumb! More boys should write journals – it’d certainly make for interesting reading. I’m coming up for 24 myself so I’m not too far off!


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