Book Blogger Hop 06/05-09/05

Book Blogger Hop

Hosted by Jennifer over at Crazy for Books this amazing meme is a weekly BOOK PARTY held for all bloggers to come together and read what others are upto. You can share your thoughts with other bloggers and readers, and don’t forget to comment on blogs you know that it is much appreciated and you never know you might start a fascinating conversation with someone you don’t know!

Question of the week:  “Which book blogger would you most like to meet in real life?”

My answer: I would like to meet two bloggers as I read their blogs all the time and would like to know they are like in person. So the bloggers are . . .

Aths @ Reading on a Rainy Day – thanks for the PIE list and the great conversation!

Sheila @ Book Journey – after reading your blog and seeing the community spirit (in blogdom and general!) that you drum up it was an inspiration to be part of the Book Blogger community and expanded my reading!

Thank you to both of you for welcoming me with open arms 😀 (wow I sound like a suck up!!! Ah well! Truth hurts and heals!!)

Happy Hopping and I hope you have a great weekend!



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